About Our School

Rainbow Park Elementary School/North Center for the Expressive Dance Magnet has a rich history and a long tradition of excellence. We are a multicultural...

Our Mission

It is the mission of the administration, faculty, staff, parents and community of Rainbow Park Elementary School to provide an education...

Parent/Student Handbook

The Parent/Student Handbook outlines the major policies and procedures that guide student life in our school system. I strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with its contents.

Magnet Information

Rainbow Park Elementary is a Magnet School offering Dance and Theatre as two performing arts programs. Learn more about how your child(ren) can be a part of this exciting program.


Drama Club

Our Rainbow Park Drama Club meets after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The best thing about the Drama Club is that it is open to all students who have a love for Theatre but does not know how to express it.

Dance & Drama Magnet

Our Dance and Drama programs are exciting and innovative programs designed to encourage and nurture artistic talent in students. We seek students who have a high interest for the arts, and who ...

Chess Club

The mission of the Title I Challenging Higher Education for Students in our Schools (CHESS) Program is to create well-rounded, lifelong learners. The Title I CHESS Program develops critical thinking...

Dance Club

We have an exciting after-school program for our Magnet Dancers to have an opportunity to join our Dance Club! Students who qualify and pass a rigorous audition can enjoy an advanced level of dancing, choreography...

5000 Role Models

Founded in 1993 by former Miami-Dade School Board member Frederica Wilson, the drop-out prevention program for at-risk minority youth serves 8,000 students ages 9-19 in Miami-Dade Schools

Reigning Royals

The Reigning Royals organization believes that young girls can help shape and influence the world in a positive manner when provided guidance, support, and opportunities.

Visual & Performing Arts Magnet at Rainbow Park ES

Rainbow Park Elementary offers Dance and Drama for grades Kindergarten through 5th grade.


Magnet Programs







Meet Our School Staff

We are here to ensure the success ofyour son and/or daughter.

Scott, Chanda
Assistant Principal
Gonzalez Darlene
Quenessa Thomas
Magnet Teacher
Kathy Pilafian

What the Community says about Us

Read some of the community's thoughts. about Rainbow Park Elementary.

“WHY” and my purpose for living. There was a huge reward in volunteering my time, and giving back to those in need of an ear to listen, a gift for an occasion that was overlooked, or clothes needed for a special event. This kind of fulfillment comes without a price tag as it is priceless.

Mrs. Roundtree
Club Founder/Sponsor

Fun at Rainbow Park

Another fun day at Rainbow Park Elementary. Field Day Photos.